Monday, December 7, 2009

Whew!! What was I thinking?

Good Monday morning to you all.  Ryan, my four year old is over the moon about waking up to see snow on the ground!  I have to say, I love it too.  I really love the change of seasons and when there is snow, it's holiday time.  It's time to cozy up in our kitchens and fill our homes with aromas like cinnamon and the smell of absolutely any cookie.....good times.  Anytime it is raining or snowing I feel the need to nest inside, it's really quite wonderful.  Ok, time to snap out of it and tell you about how I should follow my own advice. 

On Saturday, I shopped, cooked, styled & photographed (Scot did the pic's) all the recipes that will be posted this week.....what was I thinking?  The whole idea is to plan and cook ahead, the whole process took me about 7 hours.....geeze!   Anyway, I did not have to cook the Bruswick Chicken Stew, that is a delictable recipe from my sweet friend, Deb Grigg.  She was kind enough to share her recipe as well as make a serving for Scot and I to photograph.  Note to self, anyone who makes anything delicious for us to photograph must be required to supply us with many, many servings.  For creative purposes, of course.  You MUST try this recipe, she uses smoked paprika, key ingredient, your house will smell like heaven!

Expect SEVERAL recipes very shortly.  They are wonderful recipes to delight your friends and family without overdoing it in the kitchen while you are entertaining.

Happy Snow Day!!!


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