Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Dad, My Grandma, and Chickens....

Several years ago I was visiting my Dad for Christmas.  He had a lovely nativity set up with lights and plopped right on top of the manger was a chicken......yes, a chicken.... I found that so funny and still do!

When I asked my step mom why there was a chicken on top of the manger she said that it was in remembrance of his Mom, my beloved Grandma Inez.  Apparently she was very fond of chickens and they had chickens in their yard when my Dad was a kid.  Isn't that cute?

Anyway, I haven't thought of that for many years and then today I realized the "foul" connection between the three of us.   I have a great fondness of roosters and chickens.  I have many in my kitchen. 

I also find it interesting that my Grandma's favorite piece of chicken was the wing.  As a kid, I thought that was wierd.

Guess what my favorite piece of chicken is now?  You've got it, the wing! 

Isn't it cool when you realize where your fondness of something, say roosters and chickens, came from?

Have a wonderful day!


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