Saturday, May 15, 2010

Olive oil.....

I am a huge fan of first cold pressed olive oil.  I use it for just about everything, oven roasting, fresh salad dressings, and oven frying.  I also drizzle it over steamed vegetables instead of butter, I love the taste!   I found this interesting link from Trader Joe's.  Beautifully written and an easy read, it explains the different varieties from different regions, uses, shelf life, etc.  

Since I'm on this "substitution" kick, I also saw in the article a conversion chart to convert from butter to olive oil in baking.  This is a healthier alternative to butter and you use less of it so there is less fat.  I'm all over it!  Some ideas for sub-ing....popovers with rosemary, pumpkin bread, cheddar drop biscuits...  This substitution may change the texture slightly, but will make up for it with added rich flavor.

Time to get baking.   Have a great day!


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