Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give and You Shall Receive.....

I believe this to be very true, even with nature.  I've been feeding birds, planting specific flowers for hummingbirds, and putting out hummingbird nectar for years.  I've had some most interesting experiences this summer with the little hummers.  Read more about hummingbirds.

I've determined that hummingbirds bathe on large leaves..for the second time I witnessed a hummingbird taking a bath on my lilac leaves in the sprinkler, an amazing sight!  She waited on a leaf until the sprinkler came around and then fluttered about so happily I could hardly contain myself!

Last night I was reading a current issue of Birds and Bloom magazine and there was an article about the fact that hummingbirds spend 80% of their day perched.  They suggested  putting out wire hangers for them because they're just the right size for their tiny little feet.  That being said, this morning I was fiddling with a wire hanger in one hand and the feeder in another.  While doing this I heard a huge "buzz," yes, the female ruby throated hummingbird was wanting a sip of nectar and couldn't be bothered with the fact that I was making improvements to her feeder!  She was 6" from me.  I held my breath to take in the moment.  Here I was, basically eye to eye with a beautiful hummingbird!  She hovered face to face with me for about 20 seconds.  She took a few sips and I swear she was wanting to land on my arm!  OMG!  That was the coolest thing ever!

I implore you to do something for nature.  Give back.  I know we give back in so many ways, but don't we take nature for granted?  All the lovely birds and creatures out there are such gifts.  These tiny creatures are counting on me to help raise their young.  Why not put out a feeder and see what happens?  They're not expensive, you can pick a feeder and instant nectar at a Home Depot or Menard's for around $15. 

My back yard is truly an oasis.  I feel truly connected with nature.  I'm still amazed that the beautiful little creatures make it to such an urban part of the state!  They come all the way from Mexico and South America...that in itself is a miracle.

Take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous flowers, trees, and singing birds.  It's good for the soul.

Have a blessed day.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your story about the birds and hummingbirds that I didn't know about. I like your photos on your blog especially showing the food it looks all appealing to me of course and your website is set up very professional. Keep up the good cooking especially when I come over to visit,LOL!

  2. Hey, thanks so much for visiting and leaving your comment!

  3. C'mon Angie, it's Menards not Maynards!

  4. Seriously!! I shop there all the time, don't know how that one got by me, thanks!