Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Leisurely Car Ride?

This is something that would be totally unheard of here in the city.  Absolutely NO ONE just jumps in the car to take a leisurely drive.  There is nothing relaxing about grid lock!  Geeze!

Let me point out that we lived in a more rural area of beautiful.

Every once in awhile, right after dinner early evening, my Mom and Dad would decide that we should take a ride.  All seven of us would jump in the car (a light blue station wagon) and go for a ride.  We'd look out the windows and seek out farms and whatever else interesting we might see.  We'd have the windows down and the breeze would fill the car.  I must point out that my Dad was quite a "put put" driver, very conducive for this type of recreation.  This would not be enjoyable if you were driving 80 miles an hour....I had long hair and this could be quite painful!  Often times we'd end our jaunt with an ice cream.  I love that memory.

One little hiccup in the drive might have been my older brother, Richie, was able to make the most realistic siren sound.  My Dad would pull over and there would be no emergency vehicle!  So funny now but boy did he get mad.  Of course, he'd be in the very back of the station wagon, out of arms know what I'm getting at.....

The next time you are fortunate enough to be driving down a two lane road in a more rural area, try to refrain from the ipods, DVD players, cell phones, (adults too!) and just enjoy the scenery and conversation with your kids.  They often have very interesting view points and can be very, very funny!

Have a wonderful day!

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