Friday, October 29, 2010

Memories and Your Sense of Smell.....

I read once that the most memory inducing one of our senses is smell.  I believe it.  Every now and then I'll smell something that brings a smile to my face.

1)  Homemade Gingerbread Cookies.  Every Christmas my Mom would make these delightful cookies and we would go crazy for them!  We had to walk a couple of blocks from the bus home and about half way home we could smell them.  We weren't walking then, we were running!
2)  Mom's homemade bread.  Talk about "warm fuzzies."  Again, the smell the bread wafted half way down the street.  She timed it perfectly, still warm out of the oven.  She'd have the butter and jam on the counter and immediately we'd devour one whole loaf! (there were 5 of us)
3)  The smell of my Grandma Henderson's house.  I know it sounds weird, but her house had a very distinctive smell that cannot be described.  She was an avid cook and owned many antiques.  I think it was a combination of those two things.  Once in a blue moon, I will come across this scent.  I LOVE it!  She was an awesome Grandma.

We have many food traditions in our house.  Things like gingerbread cookies, iced sugar cookies, cinnamon rolls, Saturday breakfast, oven fried chicken, and spaghetti with meatballs, just to name a few, are a huge treat and conjure up great memories from when my big boys were little.

What are some of your favorite "scent" memories?   If you have a moment, leave me a comment about your favorite memory. 

Thanks, have a safe Halloween weekend!


  1. Great post, I think my strongest are also of food - my mother's king prawns frying in butter and garlic, my grandmother's bread and mangoes in summer...

  2. I would agree. Food can definitely bring on wonderful memories of days of old. Isn't life wonderful? Thanks for your post Shal!