Saturday, February 13, 2010

The other "girl" in our family.....

Well, I have not yet introduced a very important member of our family to date.  Today is the day.  Her name is "Gabby."  She is a Havanese.  She doesn't shed, and she doesn't "sass" back.  Our home is filled with men, so it's essential that our little doggie is a girl.   My men don't mind walking her, pink leash and sylish beaded collar and all, because she is a "chick" magnent.  You will also notice the very fashionable shearling coat.....fabulous!

In the photo you can see how she likes to sit, with her front paws resting on her hind paws, it's very cute.  You may also notice that she is on a leash.  She can be a tiny bit "naughty" so we have to confine her to the TV room.  She is very happy there, she can sit on the top of the couch and watch all the activity out our front window.

Of couse, my bit has to include something about food.  Gabby is also a "foodie."  Whenever I'm in the kitchen, peeling carrots, or simmering chicken bones for stock....she is at the end of her leash with one paw up, waiting.....patiently.....for carrot peels or tiny bits of chicken I pick off the bones.  She is extremely appreciative and never complains. 

She frequents the "beauty shop" more often than I and we just love her to pieces.  So, now you know "Gabs."  I adore animals, they're so good for the soul.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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