Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family togetherness.....

Have you ever really thought about the significace of food in your life?   How incredibly important it is for your family to sit down together and share in a daily meal to bond, share events of the day, and simply have conversation with one another?  How the meal is the center of almost any celebration?  When someone is suffering or sick, the thing we most want to do is bring them some comforting food to nourish and keep them?  I believe cooking is an extention of our soul and the truest expression of love.

Last evening was one of the first in a week that we were able to all sit down together for dinner.  You see, Jack and Chris suffered the loss of their Mom who struggled for many years with an alcohol affliction.    This disease is so hard to understand and especially so for children.  

During this past week of mourning, I have felt somewhat absent from my life.  As you all know, when something like this happens, that's just the way it is.  When the services were over, I very much felt like we needed to sit down together, I did not realize how very much I missed doing this with my family and I wanted to reconnect.  Our dinner was very quiet, but I know that this is the beginning of healing.  Love and time heals all wounds, and I believe sharing meals together do too.  Please take the time to sit together, time is precious.

Have a blessed day.


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