Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring time...A New Beginning....Grilling and Easy Entertaining.....

Purple Passion Flower
I have had this potted flower for years. I bring it in for the winter and when our weather has leveled out a bit, I put it outside, where it goes absolutely crazy!  The plant fills with very large buds.  Once the bud blooms, the flower lasts for only one day.  They are such a treat and truly spectacular!

I love spring.  I love watching trees slowly budding and perennial flowers push through the bit of snow that's left.  I love the longer days and the promise of warm weather to come.  I love that soon, I will be sitting on the deck, sipping a mai thai, Killians red, or a delicious margarita with fresh lime.  I love doing so with good friends.  I love flip flops.  I love bare feet in lush grass.  I love the sprinkler in the back yard and little ones running through it.  I love watching all the birds gather around for a nice drink or to pluck a worm out of the wet soil.  I love our deck filled with potted plants and gorgeous flowers.  I love to watch the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds enjoying the beautiful flowers. 

Want to know what I love best about spring and summer?  I love cooking and eating outside.  I love to entertain while the grill is smoking.  This can be very easy.   I do so many simple and delicious foods on the grill.  From appetizers to dessert, look forward to many ideas, tips, and recipes to come.

Spring.   A new beginning.  You are going to do so many new things in your kitchen and on your grill.  I can't wait!!

Have a great day!


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