Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas....

Hello and Merry Christmas.   I don't think Ryan would have lasted another day.  This is just about the sweetest time I've experienced with him.   Last year when we saw Santa at the mall, I asked if he'd like to go and talk to him, and very suspiciously he said "no Mama, I'll just look at him."    Ryan is pretty cautious, so I know not to push him if there is something he isn't comfortable doing.  This year, late November, we went to the mall and there wasn't a soul in line to see Santa.    He made eye contact with santa and waved with a sweet, unsure smile.    He was very pleased to talk to Santa, who was a beautiful looking Santa with a REAL beard.  We then of course had to write to Santa, twice.  In the first letter he asked for a  monkey pillow pet & a crane.  After much contemplation he decided he needed to add a Gordon train.      A couple of  weeks later, he came to me in tears,  he said that he forgot to ask Santa for something else.  I explained to him how very fortunate he is, that many little children don't have toys, or even food to eat, and that they may be hungry.....he then said to me, "Mama, you can give them my Thomas trains."   I don't think I've ever given him more kisses in one sitting, ever.  

Let us remember those less fortunate.  Let us be kind to one another. Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Let us savor the magic and the beauty of a child's belief in Christmas, there is really nothing like it.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


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  1. Oh my gosh Angie that is so precious....Ry is the sweetest boy ever