Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Simple Pasta Side Dishes...Kids LOVE These!

Well, adults too!  What's not to love about pasta?  It's quick cooking, lends itself very well to flavorings and ingredients.  It's offered in many varieties other than semolina wheat for those of you who have a dietary wheat restriction.  You can do a million things with it.  You can put it into soups, main vegetarian dishes, old world Italian pasta with meat dishes, and salads, just to name a few.  The beauty of so many different shapes and sizes of pasta would be that for the most part, their interchangeable in recipes.  My boys favor curly pastas as well as the mini ravioli or tortellini pasta.  It's simply a FUN thing to eat.  I just love that!

In addition to soups and breads for upcoming posts, I want to also share some of my favorite simple and healthy pasta side dishes.   Try my Simple Garlic Spaghetti.  You will notice that it has very few ingredients.  I don't know about you, but the fewer the ingredients the better for my guys.  The flavors here are very basic: tomato, garlic, and parmesan cheese....soooo delicious!  Serve with any simple roasted or grilled meat or enjoy as a vegetarian main dish and serve with a yummy salad with my Light and Creamy Yogurt Ranch Dressing.  I do not buy bottled dressings anymore, there are way to many ingredients in them I cannot pronounce.  There is no need in the human body for that.

Let us all strive to get back to whole, simple foods.  I strive each and every week to give you just that.

Healthy eating everyone:-)


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