Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The UFO is Stripped Toga Baby Eggplant.....

I needed a little help identifying my most recent UFO.  I called upon the expertise of my friend Dana Joy Altman of Real Food Rehab, a farmer's market guru.  She promptly sent me the link to Seed Savers Exchange.  I should have gotten a clue by their description; holds well in dried arrangements, yet not bitter.

I have to be honest  I wasn't impressed.  Having never made this particular UFO, I did some recipe searches and came up with nothing.    I decided to try doing a quick saute in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper.  This is quite delicious with regular eggplant.  I then added halved grape tomatoes and fresh parsley.  I was going to then make a soft bread crumb, parmesan, and melted butter topping and bake the dish.  I tasted the eggplant and decided to abort!  I'm not sure if I waited a day too long to use the eggplants.  They were a little tough and bitter.  I bought them on Saturday and did not use them until Monday.  They definitely did not look as plump and happy as they did when I bought them.  Not sure if I want to try again.  I will post something very soon with the purple eggplant variety that you can find most anywhere.

Onto something sweet....that'll make my flop a distant memory....

Have a great day!


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