Monday, August 16, 2010

Farmer's Market Bliss....

I was in heaven today at the Oak Park Farmer's Market.  It was a sweltering 90', soon to be 95'!  I shopped quickly and efficiently.  Blackberries and raspberries were at the peek of freshness.  We are enjoying the pickles and grape tomatoes in our fresh salads.  You will also see the latest of my "UFOs."  Ever seen these beauties?  Are they peppers, tomatoes, squash?   Identification and recipe soon to come.....

Notice the lovely beans.....they are yellow and purple.  Interestingly, the purple beans turn completely green after cooking...a little disappointing, but still very delicious.  Tomorrow I will post a beautiful and simple salad I came up with for these beauties.

In addition to unbelievable produce, you will also find amazing preserves, honey, organic meats, cheeses, plants and flowers, just to name a few.  The Red Raspberry Preserves I purchased are from a farm in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The name is Ellis Family Farms.  It is so refreshing to read an ingredient label that doesn't include corn syrup!  Let's not forget the true, raspberry flavor, unreal! 

I also made a cheese purchase from Prairie Fruits Farm located in Champaign, IL.  If you've read The Omnivores Dilemma, you will find their self sustaining farm completely fascinating.  They farm the way farming was meant to be, with respect and care for the land and animals.  Take a moment to visit their site.  Click on "Dinners on the Farm" can make reservations to dine on their farm.  It is very hard to get a reservation.  You will see that they are completely sold out for the summer and most likely into the next!  This is definitely on my bucket list!

Be sure to visit your local farmer's market.  Not only will you be supporting the very people who bring these amazing foods to your table, you have great opportunity to try something you've never had before.  Every time I go, I try at least one new fruit or vegetable, very exciting!

Eat well.

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