Monday, October 26, 2009

Let’s Get Started

I have a very practical and simple approach to the kitchen. Waste NOTHING. Many of the foods we buy have traveled many, many miles to reach us. Let us be grateful and honor those who put their heart and soul into planting, growing, and harvesting our healthy whole foods by wasting nothing. Many processed foods are very expensive, not to mention chock full of many ingredients one can’t pronounce. We have more information than ever, and we know that highly processed foods simply are not good for the human body. Whole foods, that’s what we are striving for. Let’s get our children used to real foods, fostering good eating habits and let’s involve them in the cooking process, we learn what we live. I am very confident that information in this blog will be a tremendous benefit to you and your family. I’m so anxious to get started, I have so much to share. I thank you so much for your participation. Let’s get started!!! You should take some time to look through your pantry. What kinds of items do you have? You will want to weed out any processed items you may have. Together, we will get your pantry in order. I have come up with an extensive list of “must haves” for the pantry. You will want to replenish any of these items by simply putting them on next week’s shopping list, I keep a running list on my refrigerator. This list is quite long and may seem a bit overwhelming. I use items on this list weekly. It is really great to read through a recipe and know that you have most of the items on hand.

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