Thursday, November 19, 2009

Homemade vs. Convenience/Processed Foods

I'm sure you've already gotten the idea that I'm not a fan of processed foods. With a little planning, we can create our own convenience foods by cooking ahead and freezing. Our country, as a whole, really needs to get back to basics; wholesome, good for the body foods. Our children need to learn this as well, get them in the kitchen, they learn so much from us, we're their best teachers. Going forward, with your well stocked pantry, I am going to give you many recipes for your own spice mixes(minus the salt, msg, & additives), recipes for homemade items such as quick cheddar biscuits, pie crust & pies (next week), endless baked goods, soup stocks, working with yeast, yes YEAST, and many entrees that will please even the pickiest eaters. Believe me, YOU can do all of these things, I am so sure of it!! All homemade, you are going to be so proud of yourselves! If you have any topic/recipe requests, please let me know! I'm working on recipes for next week as previously mentioned. Have a good day!

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